This Zit Popping Wasn't A Normal One

Every second, somebody gets involved in zit popping business. After all, they are painful and living with them is quite an arduous task. The best remedy is to pop the zit and let the puss ooze. Then there’s no pain.

Zit Popping - Paul and Rachael
Paul and Rachael

Rachael Franklin and her son Paul had gone to the beach. After a few days, she noticed a small growth under his knee. She showed it to the doctor who dismissed it as a staph infection and forbade them to pop it otherwise they would have to perform surgery on Paul’s knee. The mother was tensed and wondered whether this was the right way to treat her son.
After a fortnight, she noticed that the bump was growing. The lump had grown to the size of on orange. Paul was groaning in pain so Rachel decided to override the doctor’s prescription and take the matter in her own hand. It was time for some zit popping.
Zit popping - Paul and Rachael
Paul and Rachael

As she pressed the mound, it grew black. Along with the puss came out a black stone. Wondering whether it was a small piece of rock, she examined it more closely when she noticed that it looked something extremely common. It was a snail! Would you believe it, a snail was living inside a human’s body. Man, that’s gross.