Your Pet Doesn't Love You And Here Is Why!

Have you ever wondered what impression your pets has about you? You consider them a part of your family, but do you get the same respect in return? Well, each pet has a different nature and possess different innate qualities. This is why cat haters might call these creatures to be ignorant and selfish, while cat lovers would not get tired of praising their pet. But nonetheless, cats actually don’t care about you.

Pets: Cat
Cats USUALLY don’t care about you

As was mentioned that each pet has its own mood, its own nature, and hence, its own level till which, it loves its owners. But the problem here is with the word, “owner.” Do we humans really deserve to be called that, just because we pay some amount of money to get this pet? Moreover, what right do we have to take away their natural habitat from them and keep them in an enclosed area, where they actually don’t even want to live?

What seems to be the problem?

There are numerous problems before we can even consider the love our pet MIGHT have for us, the foremost being our right to own them. If you believe in the existence of God, you might be well-equipped with the fact that each living soul has its own responsibility and its own right to live. WE DON’T HAVE A RIGHT TO KEEP ANYTHING OR ANYONE ELSE AS OUR SLAVES, and hence, enslaving pets, or OWNING pets isn’t the best option there might be.

Pets: Enslaving
We don’t have any right to OWN animals

And if you are an atheist, or more of an agnostic person, then allow your common sense hit you hard. How would you feel if, let’s say dinosaurs, come back and start exchanging you as a commodity? Wouldn’t that be another sort of human trafficking? So, if you believe in owning these pets, you would also be considerate of human trafficking being a good deed, right?
Pets: Wrong deed
OWNING a pet is usually not the best thing

And for those who say that these animals or birds, or any other form of pets, are kept just for entertainment, or just for company then how about going out and making a few HUMAN friends? We know this might sound pretty harsh, and there might be a contradiction to this statement as well, which we would also be supporting, but that still doesn’t give us a right to put a price tag on animals!

The contradiction for some pets

The contradiction in this scenario will be those pets that are dependent on human beings for their existence. Though everyone and everything was born in order to learn and survive, but shear human interference in almost all regards has made them dependent. Anyway, where do you expect these animals to survive if you keep on chopping those places where they are supposed to live naturally? And also, how would they even be able to bear the pain of separation when you have been acting as the only caretaker of these animals right from their birth? They also have feelings somewhere or the other.

Pets: In cages
Dogs in cage

The inference

This whole thing doesn’t mean we don’t support keeping pets. As a matter of fact, we do love pets. It is just that the way we treat their kind is not correct, on a personal point of view. For instance, the way they are kept in zoos, entrapped in a cage, or even if they are provided with as natural habitat as the zoo authorities could, it still is not right! In the same way, though we have made them dependent and endangered, inhibiting over their personal lives is just not the way to go.

Pets: Zoo
Animals in zoo