Your Dog Says "I Love You"! You Just Don't Know It. This Is How He Expresses His Love For You!!

So you also own a dog? Even if you don’t, you might have heard about the expression of “puppy face” where, in order to gain sympathy or love, people make an adorable face. Well, needless to say that the expression has been derived from real life instances where the speechless animal twists his head and stares right into your eyes, which is its way of expressing that he needs love.
It is a commonly known fact that when dogs wiggle their tail, it is an indication that they are in need of a compassionate touch. Dogs are known to be one of the most loyal species on this Earth’s surface, but have you ever wondered how this specie, that can’t even speak, expresses their feelings? Though they don’t have a sharp memory to take revenge after decades of an incident, but at least they have feelings. This is how dogs usually say “I Love You” (to the owner, not to the fellow dogs).

1. Dogs Need Somebody To Lean-On

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This is not in reference to the song, Lean On, but is an expression that dogs use in order to express their love and to show that they need some cuddling. Usually, leaning on by a dog is said to be a symbol of him being anxious, and his need to go for a walk, but many researchers say that if the dog leans on you, it simply is a symbol of affection, or as an effort to show you that he needs some protection.

2. The Mutual Yawning

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Yawning is contagious. That is a well-known fact, but did you know that dogs also feel it? Scientists have proved that dogs yawn when they see their owner or their loved one yawn. Usually, when you yawn, the person next to you also gets the sense of yawning, which is because of empathy. Though it is not possible to determine if dogs are getting empathetic, but it surely has been proven that the chances of your pet dog yawning while you yawn are much higher than a stranger yawning with you.

3. The Classic Puppy Face

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The classic just remains so. When you are playing with your dog, or are just cuddling, if the dog stares into your eyes with a look of love on his face, it surely means that the dog feels a special bond between you and himself. As is said that eye contact brings about the intimacy in two people, a similar quote is followed in case of dogs. Scientists say that it is because of the released oxytocin hormone inside the dog that allows him to bond with you on a special level.

4. The Facial Expressions

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Those who say that the mood of a dog can be judged just by the wiggling of his tail are wrong to some extent. Believe it or not, but dogs tend to showcase many facial expressions. They make different faces when they want to show love, distress, or hatred against anyone or anything. They usually lift their eyebrows and shift their left ear back when they see someone they share a bond with.

5. The After-Meal Cuddling

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They say, “The way to a man’s heart is through his stomach”. Well, in case of dogs, the quote can be slightly related as dogs tend to be highly active and asking for love after they have their meal. It is usually said that dogs, especially new born puppies, strive for love after their meal, which is why, they will come to you and try to cuddle you up after that, especially if you have built up a strong bond with the dog.

6. Enjoying The Love

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Dogs do enjoy the warmth of anyone on their heads and under their mouths, but if he is too much into your comforting techniques, he might be trying to tell you that he cares for you. The enjoyment he carries when his owner touches him is different when someone else touches him, and this difference showcases the bond he has formed with you.

7. Accepting You Leave Source:

A few dogs tend to get anxious and furious when they see their owner leave, but studies show that if the dog accepts the fact that you are leaving, and instead of creating nuisance, quietly goes down into his crate, or calmly watches you leave, it’s more of a sign that the dog loves you.

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Though the dog might remain calm when you leave, but the furiousness and the obvious excitement that the dog shows when you return, proves his love towards you. Many owners also say that the dog jumps right over them after a day of hard work. This is because of the incapability of the dog to control its emotions.

9. Bringing His Toy

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It is commonly seen that dogs bring their toys to their owners and make a face as if they are asking them to play. Well, this is true that the dog wants to play with you, but if you see him bringing his favorite toy to you, he might not be asking you to play with him, instead he might be offering you his finest possession, as dogs believe in the fact, to share is to care.

10. Sleeping With You

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Though you might not like your dog sleeping in your bed, and even might be refraining him to do so, but nevertheless, the sign that the dog wants to lie down in your bed showcases that he wants to stay close to you. This act of kindness by these creatures show the love and warmth they carry in their heart for their owner.