You'll Thanks Us After Reading These Brilliant Excuses To Walk Out Of A Terrible Date

Everyone has been on a bad date at least once in their life. The number one concern people have during bad dates is sitting across someone you have no interest in, while desperately wanting to get out of there. If you’ve been there, you know how tough it is to maintain conversations with someone you have nothing in common, or just don’t find attractive at all.
But thankfully, we have come up with 10 brilliant excuses you can use the next time you are on bad date, without coming across as rude and hurting the other person’s feelings.

1. Have your friend text you with a fake emergency

Before going out on the date, tell your friend call or text you at a particular time. If the date is going well, ignore the call. But if the date is really bad, just tell them you need to leave urgently to attend an emergency. But before doing this, make sure that you come up with an excuse that is believable enough.

Get Out Of A Date


2. Get someone to crash the date

If you’re looking for something more effective, have one of your friend visit you on your date. Once they are there, make sure that it looks like a chance encounter. After your friend has sufficiently ruined the chance of any privacy you two were going to get, suggest the idea of going out some other time.

Get Out Of A Date