You'll Be Surprised To See These Real Life Superheroes Caught On Camera

You must have watched the superheroes cartoons and movies or maybe still you are a fan of them but what when we tell you that there are some people who are working as a real time superheroes. Oh Yess, you just heard us right. There are some brave hearts who are fighting crime or helping the community in some way or other. Here are a few superheroes who are nothing less than what you have watched on the screens till now:

1.Phoenix Jones

He is s a young man in his twenties and watches over the city of Seattle. He wears a superhero suit that costs around 10000 dollars. The suit is reinforced with Kevlar to make it strong. He is the leader of the team of superheroes stationed all over the country and in his crime fighting regime he has also received injuries. He was once got shot and stabbed by a knife twice.