You'll Be Surprised To See These 9 Weirdest Places People Have Used To Hide Drugs

People do strange things, like really strange things. Some people think they can be incredibly clever by hiding drugs and contrabands in weird places and avoid detection. They probably did not get the memo about sniffer dogs, x-ray machines, and well-trained policemen. These people tried really hard to hide drugs but got caught anyway.

1. Roast Chicken

Just last month, police in Chile caught hold of the chicken mastermind. They used an entire roast chicken to hide marijuana. The roast chicken, disguised as a meal for an inmate, was eventually discovered during a routine inspection of items coming into the prison.

drugs 1


2. Icing On The Cake

Who would have thought that a tub of delicious chocolate icing could be used for such a sinister purpose? An x-ray of the tub revealed a cleverly concealed packet of heroin that weighed 2.5 pounds. Can you imagine the sheer innovativeness of the person who came up with this hiding place?

drugs 2