You'll Be Shocked To See These 10 Amazing Living Creatures Who Never Die

The day god created our world, he also formed life and death. While both life and death is certain, so mother nature exempted some creatures ‘immortality’, they cannot and die and have been living even before the humans were born. Hey, Hold on! they are not ghost or spirits, they are real life animals who have been surviving all odds and graciously formed their places in this realm.

Lets discover the quest to the immortality of these creatures. Join me to unearth the Pandora Box.

The Naked Mole Rat


Also know as “sand puppy” is found in some parts of east Africa. The special feature of Mole rat is, it lacks pain sensitivity in its skin. Naked mole rat can grow upto 10 centimetres. It is a phenomenal animal as its known for its longevity and resistance to cancer.

Giant Tortoises


Giant tortoises is the native of Ecuador and is found in the tropical islands of the country. They have the record of living a long life, so strong is the record that created their own legacy. It grows upto 4 ft. and weighs more than 400kgs, even the world’s strongest man would be needing guts to pick this huge creature.



Can you imagine an animal with healing power in itself, yes there is one and the answer is ‘Flatworm’. Even if you kill them, they won’t die infact they will split into half and form another twin brother. Think if we can clone humans like this, LOL! Flatworm are dangerous to humans as they cause parasitical diseases. Scientist of Nottingham University in U.K. created an entire outpost of more than 20,000 planarians.