You'll Be Surprised To Know Who The First Female Engineer In Facebook Was…

Born on January 20, 1982, Ruchi Sanghvi is one of the few and most prominent women entrepreneur amongst today’s high-profile young technology companies. She is an Electrical & Computer Engineer. She is originally from Pune, India. In the fall of 2000, she traveled to Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. She was 18 years old and came for college. There she studied at Carnegie Mellon University to pursue her bachelors and masters degree in Electrical & Computer Engineering. She actually wanted to study set design and she thought she could do it along with her engineering. But it didn’t turn out that way and she pursued her Computer Engineering. After graduating from college in 2004, she got a job doing math modelling at a bank in New York City.

She moved to San Francisco, US in 2005. Ever since she was in college she was one of five females in a class of about 150 students. When she first started at Facebook back in 2005, she was the first female engineer and she watched it grow from about twenty people to thousands of people. She created and built many important features like News Feed, Facebook Platform, Facebook Connect and others. The first significant project she worked on was News Feed. She built the first version of News Feed. After News Feed, she moved to product management and focused on Facebook Platform and Facebook Connect. She also worked on Facebook privacy.

When she was growing up she had great dreams and ambitions to take over her father’s business but at the same time she wanted to go and get an education in a different country. So after a few years at Facebook she realized she wanted to start her own company. So she left Facebook in 2010.
In 2011, Sanghvi was awarded a TechFellow “Best Engineering Leadership Award” for her work at Facebook. In May 2011, she finally started her own company called Cove and became the founder and CEO of Cove. At Cove, she focused on collaboration and coordination software for private groups and private communities.

Cove was sold to Dropbox in 2012 and at Dropbox, she became the VP of operations. She managed everything from recruiting to marketing, communications, product and managing the product teams. She is extremely interested in the field of genomics and also in operations in logistics.
She left Dropbox in 2013. During one of her interviews, Sanghvi said “I’ve been working at breakneck pace and feel like I need to take some time off”. She is also the co-founder of and worked closely with the organization to help reform immigration. In an interview Sanghvi described her involvement with as follows:
“Silicon Valley is a very idealistic society. So is a mission to step down from the idealistic world and do some real work. The mission is to boost the knowledge economy. Immigration is only one part of it, the other part of it is to figure out bipartisan policies to help include STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics) studies in the education system. Immigration is a really hot topic and I am very satisfied with the senate Bill. I am hopeful that immigration reform will pass, even though right now Washington is divided.”
Now she is recognized as Paytm’s board member.