You Woudn’t Believe How This Lady Saved The Lives Of Thousands Of Females!

Maiti – the word literally translates to the home of the girl’s birth parents. Maiti Nepal can be termed as a non-profit organization started by a Nepalese lady who herself suffered from domestic violence, abuse, miscarriages, etc. After getting divorced, she made it her life career to save the girls suffering from trafficking and such problems. The lady, who is called as Biju, is Anuradha Koirala.

A person of Nepali origin, Koirala, after getting divorced from her husband, started putting some part of her salary which she earned from teaching English, in starting a small shelter that supported such other victims. Gradually, she witnessed the scenario carefully and came to a conclusion that this problem can’t be solved by a simple shelter home. She needed to do something big, something influential for the society, which led to the formation of Maiti Nepal.

Sex Trafficking is a bloomed up taboo in Nepal. Girls as young as six years of age are kidnapped or talked into some job offers out of the city, and are sold to brothels or some other such buyers. They are raped, abused, and treated so badly that they enter a stage of trauma. Maiti Nepal rescues such girls from brothels by raiding them and even patrolling the border shared by India and Nepal as this is the region where most of this trade happens.
Koirala, along with her team of teachers, journalists, etc. has been able to save and rescue more than 12,000 girls from such harassment since 1993. Apart from saving these girls, Maiti Nepal also provides shelter to such girls until the time they get back to their biological parents, or become independent.

They say, one only needs bricks and concrete to build a house, but in order to build a home, love is essential. Koirala has been providing that love to the rescued girls and has also been training them to become independent. Other than this, she has also been involved in raising awareness campaigns throughout Nepal so that the parents of these young girls don’t fall into the cobweb laid down by those traffickers.

Maiti Nepal runs an academy in Kathmandu, the capital of Nepal, along with running eleven transit homes, three prevention homes, two rehabilitation centers, and one hospice. All of these are spread throughout the country. Other than this, Maiti Nepal also has an association with an Indian organization called STOP. This organization raids the brothels and other such places of India, and in order to provide rehabilitation to the girls, sends them to Maiti Nepal, where they are taught to lead a life filled with optimism.

These shelter homes provide rehabilitation in the form of shelter, safety, food, training, education, treatment from psychological and mental disorders, protection to underage girls and medication. Maiti Nepal has even witnessed girls as young as 14, having HIV Positive.

For this commendable effort by Anuradha Koirala, US Government has provided Maiti Nepal, a grant of $500,000 for a duration of two years. Other than this, Koirala bagged the CNN Hero Of The Year Award in 2010 along with receiving the Courage of Conscience Award back in 2006. Here’s the video of Anuradha Koirala being presented the CNN Hero Of The Year Award.

Despite of all these efforts by Koirala, Maiti Nepal has been under a lot of criticism subject to improper facilities, but these have been termed as false statements in order to put Maiti Nepal to shame. Maiti Nepal has been a ray of hope, a ray of new life to the girls and women who had lost faith in everything. If such efforts continue, Koirala’s dream of seeing a world free of human trafficking isn’t far sighted.