Two roads diverged in the woods , and I took the one less traveled by , and that has made all the difference “
The above words were said by poet Robert frost and though they have a deep meaning attached to them , but there are some roads less traveled , you should better avoid .
The following roads are located in some of the most hostile environments in the world and are known to give a hard time to even the most experienced and tough drivers .

1. Passage De Gois, France

A road that gets flooded but still used by people ? Sounds crazy, but it is true . Apparently there is road in a french town located in the Atlantic coast of France . The D948 road is a 4.3 km stretch that leads to the island of Noirmoutier which goes underwater twice a day .
The area is famous all over France while not many people are aware of it over the world.
Drivers need to pay attention to the panels installed by the authorities signalling the times of the low tide and the high tide .
Any car that does not pay attention to this is sure going to get under the tide . Still , driving on this road is a challenge in itself as it can be quite wet and slippery .

This road is real.
This road is real.

This happens when you don't pay attention
This happens when you don’t pay attention


2. Patiopoulo- Perdikaki Road , Greece

Considered as one of the most dangerous mountain road in the world , this road is located at 700 meters above the sea level and stretches for 23 km .
Known for giving a hard time to even the most experienced drivers , this road is not for those with a weak heart .
Several people die due to accidents every year probably due to a narrow road , several potholes , sharp twists and turns and lesser grip for vehicles to drive on .
This road is certainly not meant for night time as there are no signs or markings that can guide a driver to turn left or right . Majority of cars topple off the mountain this way  every year .

Twisted turns.
Twisted turns.

Not an actual accident .
Not an actual accident .