You Will Be Scared To Death After Reading These 10 True Exorcism Stories.

Movies like The Exorcist and The conjuring have created 2 questions in the movie audiences’ mind, Are demonic possessions real ? Do exorcisms actually work ?
Although we can not say anything for sure about this controversial topic, but we do have some real life accounts of people who were possessed by the Devil.
You can read their stories and decide for yourself.

1.  Anneliese Michele

Quick question.
How does someone who looks like this

Anneliese Michel
Anneliese Michel

turn into someone like this ?
Demonic possession
Demonic possession

Could someone who used to be extremely devout follower of Christ begin to see demons and hear sounds from hell every time she used to pray ?
Sadly, the above turned out to be true for a German women, Anneliese Michel who died at the young age of 23 during an exorcism which went horribly wrong.
The movie ” Exorcism of Emily Rose” is loosely based on her life story.
A compilation of her exorcisms is given below, although you should avoid watching it if you are alone and you are afraid of the dark.