You Shouldn't Have Shot The Funeral – Said A Mysterious Voice !!

If you are a fan of the horror genre, then these ghost stories will freak you out. The level of spook and blood curdling moments will give you a mighty tremble. In fact, I have been shivering a bit while penning down this post. Not only will you love to go through this post again and again, you will even share it with your friends, I can promise you that.
This is a story from Philippines. The narrator was born there and raised in a modern family, which doesn’t believe in things like ghosts or any other supernatural things. But what they encountered one day blows their mind away.
This boy lived in Baguio. There’s a white house near the location. This house has its share of spookiness all throughout history. You could dig up a lot of old bones near the building.
This boy’s granny’s cousin expired when he was fifteen. They went there to pay their condolences to the grieving family. The boy was overjoyed to see his extended family despite the gloomy occasion. Little did he know what was in store for him.
There were a lot of old age wisdom’s when you attend a funeral. Better listen to them otherwise you could pay a big price.
In such places, never walk around the coffin or come before the corpse if it’s your first time. If you have never met this person your entire life, then seeing the corpse is a strict no-no.
The first night of the funeral, the boy and his cousin were toying around with a new cellphone.  It was a camera phone. The boys were excited about it owing to their age. They started recording hither and thither with the cellphone. It was about quarter past ten in the night and the boys were in the garden and they started clicking pictures and making videos. They were quite happy about it.
Suddenly things took a nasty turn.
When they boys reviewed the captured video, they heard an eerie voice on the background. Both the boys turn pale on hearing what the voice said. It howled with the wind, “Because of you, because of you, because of you I died!” The boys were petrified and drenched in sweat. Perspiration still trickled down the forehead. After this, there was a sound that looks like someone was being whipped real hard.
The sound went on and on for forty-five seconds. Oh my God! The voice was extremely clear. It was shrieking with full force. The boy and his cousins were paralyzed and couldn’t move a muscle.
Then with trembling fingers they checked the images. On opening the images, their heads spun and the boy’s cousin fell down in a dead faint! In the pictures, there was a lady wearing clothes from a medieval age staring at the camera.
Suddenly there was a high-pitched scream and the boy looked here and there. He tried shaking his cousin but to no avail. After some continuous trying, the cousin regained consciousness. He could also hear a high-pitched wailing of a lady. Yes, it was unmistakably a women’s voice. Only it sounded more ghoulish.
The boys were lost for words. They rushed back to the house. They made their uncles check the video and the images and expected a similar reaction.
The uncles were actually not surprised!
Their faces were serious. They just advised us that we shouldn’t have done that.
It was said that there were spirits, both good and evil lurking near the white house. But what about the lady? They said that she died an unlucky death.
It was the lady who used to own the place back in the days when Spanish colonisers occupied the area. She was found dead in this very place and no one had a clue how she ended up there. Now she was haunting the place. The boys were trembling.
The elders advised them to say a prayer and seek forgiveness. The boys were asked to delete the pictures and video. But what they said next was even more frightening.
The spirits and the ghost of the lady might follow us back to Baguio. Something very bad was going to happen. Were these two boys going to end up dead? The elders were extremely scared and contacted their village priest.
The next morning both the boys woke up with high fever. The priest and the elders performed rituals and offered a sacrifice. A chicken was slaughtered and its blood was sprinkled around the periphery of the house. Then the video and the pictures were deleted. The ritual ended with a few prayers and an apology again. Now what was going to happen?
Wonder of Wonders! After about twenty minutes, the boys’ temperature went down and they recovered from the fever. The narrator went back home.
It was something that the narrator swears he will never forget.
Will you record video at a funeral?