You Need To Visit These 10 Indian Destinations Before You Travel Abroad

Have you ever planned on visiting a foreign land just to enjoy the beauty of the nature around? Or just in order to get away from the busy hectic schedule you have to go through everyday to find yourself calm and resting amidst the beach or in the mountains? Then here’s a little secret! You don’t need to spend those hefty bucks to get a Visa and Tickets to travel abroad. Instead, all you need to do is reach out to these Indian places without leaving the periphery of your own nation and believe us, you will cherish the time here.


Agar Firdaus Bar Roo-E Zameen Ast, Hameen Ast-O Hameen Ast-O Hameen Ast

Indian Places: Srinagar
Heaven on Earth

This Persian is roughly translated to, “If there is a paradise on Earth, It is this, It is this, It is this” and it seems that Amir Khusro did actually mean it for Kashmir, and it holds true for Srinagar as well. This Tulip Garden of Srinagar says it all.

Where Bay of Bengal, Arabian Sea, and Indian Ocean Meet

Indian Places: Kanyakumari
Statue in Kanyakumari

People try visiting this one of the seven wonders after going through a lot of trouble, but forget to visit the Indian place that pretty much replicates it all!

The Home Of Nature

Indian Places: Nainital
The beautiful garden of Nainital

Why would you even visit Japan when such gardens are right at your doorstep? Enjoy the scenic beauty of Nainital amongst all other Indian places to go through.