You Need To See What Happened To This 1 Day Old Puppy Found On The Side Walk

Babies are fragile and delicate creatures. Animals as much as humans. An act of kindness towards a helpless animal can push humanity several paces ahead. A newborn orphaned puppy was rescued by an organisation and sheltered, nurtured and ultimately provided with a forever home. Read on to know the entire story of this little bundle of joy.


This is the story of Joy, a small pup who was found abandoned on the roadside. It was less than a few days old. Puppies in the first week of their lives are blind, deaf and toothless. They need external warmth to maintain the body temperature and need to be fed. As Joy was found orphaned, it’s condition was alarmingly Frail.

Thankfully, It was found and rescued by a dog shelter. It was extremely weak and needed special care to survive through the initial weeks. It was given extra care and attention with the hope of improving it’s condition. The pup slept for the majority of the time throughout the first week. But after the initial  weeks of its life, that were pretty critical, it has been an upward graph.

image source: youtube
image source: youtube

Once it started to grow strong, Joy, was full of life. True to its name, Joy is an absolute delight. This vibrant and ever happy dog, even made friends with the big guys at the shelter. Joy was really taken care of by the shelter like every little baby deserves and even had a favorite toy, a Stuffed White Siberian Tiger. This is Joy at 3 weeks old. Isn’t it just adorable?