A Kissing Couple Swaps 80 Million Bacterias In One Go

There is nothing much going on when you see a kissing couple ?? This simple expression of love has much more to it than we as humans can see on the surface. A recent study has unveiled some shocking facts about what happens during a simple act of kissing. In this case, science has the numbers and these are not just surprising, they are earth shattering. Studies suggest that a couple exchanges about 80 million bacterias during a 10 second lip lock.
This might sound gross, but the couple who kisses for about 9 times a day will share the same species of mouth micro-organisms, as a result. What is interesting is, the intimate act of kissing is unique to our human kind.

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The experts tend to believe that kissing in humans evolved as a medium to assess the compatibility between the kissing couple. The first kiss will act as an assessment of partners, and the rest are meant for maintaining intimacy.
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This is what a study conducted in Netherlands Organization for Applied Scientific Research had to say :

The very first conclusion was that a kissing couple exchanges millions of bugs while being intimate. To a science freak, these numbers should not be surprising at all. Our bodies are home to about 100 trillion microorganisms which play role in the digestion of food, nutrient synthesis and fight against diseases.

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Apart from our diet and genetic make-up, the presence of micro-organisms is also effected by the intimacy we share with other humans and animals. Our mouths are also a part of the body and thus even these are a home to about 700 million varieties of bacteria (Geeez , did not want to know that !!)
The research was published in a science journal called Microbiome. The study conducted involved 21 couples. They were asked to fill out a questionnaire on kissing behavior, including the frequency at which a kissing couple shared intimacy. In the study, the samples of couple salivas’ were taken to measure the composition of oral microbiota present on their tongues.
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The studies even showed that couples who kissed frequently shared the same microbiota. (The number here was the one kissing atleast nine times a day).
“Intimate kissing involving full tongue contact and saliva exchange appears to be a courtship behavior unique to humans and is common in over 90 per cent of known cultures.”, Remco Kort, from the Microbiology and Systems Biology department was quoted as saying.
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To check the quantity of bacteria exchanges, couples were asked to kiss after having pro-biotic drinks containing bacteria. The amount of bacteria found in saliva after kissing increased to about 300%. The study also concluded that a total of 80 million bacterias are exchanged during a 10 second kiss. The study even concluded that the bacteria present in our mouths were also a result of our lifestyle, hygiene and personal care factors.
So next time you kiss your special someone, you would have to think twice, now that you have already read our post. Till then do not forget to share and comment.
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