Yes Women Do Lie! Look Down For 10 Common Things Which Women Lie About To Guys

Mighty, charming, sweet and smart ladies can be the ones who are lying to you. Don’t you believe? Ah! now this is the magic which women possess. There are 10 common things which women lie about and you might not even get aware of. So, here the catalog begins!!

1. Stretching Up

Oh My God! I am a fitness freak and I love stretching up. You know what! Gym really excites me. Hold on! if you are listening to these words then shut your ears as it is the biggest lie ever told to you guys.

2. I Really Love What You Love

Now this will make guys hold their breath. I really like this darling, this is so-so interesting. You like cricket, whoa! I love it despite at the back of their mind they are thinking Oh please just f*cking change this sports channel.

3. I Am So Cool

Cool! what’s that? remember guys, this is a non-existing word in women’s dictionary and majorly when it comes to your friends. Hey! you want to go out with friends on weekend, that’s so cool! you know dear there should be some space. I am pretty fine with it. Boys, THESE ARE DANGER WORDS, and will be put back to you.