Would You Dare To Spend A Night In These Horrifying Abandoned Places ?

Ghostly stories remain the topmost genre and they never fail to set the ambiance of a bonfire. But how many of these stories are real? The governments of countries throughout the world have banned many places in lieu of the reported haunting in those places, while others have been abandoned because of the sudden reduction in the population due to a reason no one would want to think about! Here are a few abandoned sites throughout the world.
10. Tequendama Falls Museum, Colombia

Image Source: urbanghostsmedia

This monument had been strategically built in order to face Tequendama Falls on the Bagotá River. Originally built in 1923 as a mansion, it was proposed to be transformed into an eighteen-room hotel in 1950, which soon was abandoned due to water contamination. It remained abandoned for many decades only to be announced as a museum late in 2013.
9. The Abandoned Rocket Factory, Russia

9 wired.co.ukImage Source: wired

Imagine moving in the real-life model of those sci-fi movies with high-tech machineries all around, most of which won’t be working! That would feel great and gruesome at the same time. This abandoned rocket factory in Russia is not hard to reach. All you need to do is jump a wall, but as it is evident, trespassing into this beautifully haunted area is illegal.
8. Czestochowa’s Abandoned Railway Depot, Russia

8 urbanghostsmediaImage Source: urbanghostsmedia

Russia, as we all know, is the hub of technology, hub of machines, and above all, hub of modern equipment. But at times, this technology can’t just sustain and end up abandoned. Another such abandoned site of Russia is the Czestochowa’s railway depot, which has become more of a tourist spot as of now.