Women rule the world – and OMG – also a pride of lions?

It’s an age old saying, “The hand that rocks the cradle, rules the world.” This is entirely true. A woman can be a dominant force if she wants to be. Yes, a woman is strong enough despite being written off by men as soft and fickle-minded. Gone are the days, when women would take up all the mothering roles. The women of today are on the same level as men, in fact at times better than their testosterone-laden counterparts. This is not limited to humans alone. When it comes to the lord of the jungle, women can tame them too.
In this video, you will notice how the woman cajoles the lions. It seems that she leads the pack. You all have watched Sheena on TV, right? Maybe she was abandoned by her parents, or say, she was orphaned at a young age by a gruesome villain. The fiend left her in midst of lions, so that she could become a tasty morsel. But nature takes an unexpected course, and she is raised by a lioness, feeding on their milk(Pretty high-grade stuff, phew). The end product is…..ta…….daaa…… A Lady Tarzan or should I say Sheena? Whatever!
Heck, who cares for the backdrop of this lady. Have a look at the video and marvel at her courage. Hats off, we say. All hail the Queen of the Jungle.