Why Wearing Shoes In The House Is Not The Right Thing To Do!!

In our busy lives we are quite accustomed to, riding on our fast paced schedule and not paying close attention to small things that matter. There are so many things that we tend to overlook. Ever wondered a simple thing like wearing shoes while you are inside your home can do you a lot of harm. There is a reason why there are cultures in the world, such as the Japanese and the people in south India strictly adhere to the social custom of leaving your shoes outside.

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These are some scientific and proven facts which have been researched. They will make you think twice before entering the house with your shoes on. Here are some cringing facts and some very reliable solid numbers to prove our point :

Your shoes might carry the cancer causing toxins

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According to a study conducted by Battelle memorial institute at Baylor University, it was confirmed that people who lived near asphalt roads or those who go by areas of under construction are under serious threats. As toxins are found in such roads and coal tar can be carried by your shoes which are harmful. These toxins can risk you with exposure to cancer or other such acute diseases, they concluded in the study. Also the study explained how rain water (which carries pollutant smoke and other chemicals) can stick to your shoes and easily enter your home.

How it can infect your food and water

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Another research conducted at the university of Arizona found out that there are as many as 4,oo,000 different types of bacteria which are found on your shoes (and probably ready to enter your house and attack you). Also what is more alarming is that coliform which is found to contaminate food and water you consume is found on 96% of the shoes. Other kind of bacteria found on the shoes can also cause serious respiratory and urinary tract infections.

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And all this is not even the whole picture. We carry germs from various other sources such as the bird feces, dog waste & germs from various public restrooms/washrooms, all of which are a source of E.Coli (the bacteria responsible for urinary infections). Also the researchers found that 90-95% of all the microorganisms which you carry with your shoes is set free to contaminate your home ! And it is not just the nearby dirt, bacteria’s are known to travel long distances from infected places. This means even if you live in a clean environment you will still be inviting a lot of germs and harmful chemical toxins to your home !

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Therefore it is advisable to make it a habit to leave your shoes outside before you enter your home. You can also do that by keeping a rack or shoe mat outside your home to contain your shoes. If you are smart enough (which we suppose that you are !) you will think twice before entering your home with your shoes on. And you will choose not to face the consequences!

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