Reasons Why Most Non-Delhiites Hate Kejriwal !!

Some might say that calling Kejriwal haters, non-Delhiites, is a weird observation but there is a simple reason behind it, which takes many turns to unfold. The first of these folds is the people outside Delhi not being able to be a part of the reforms that Kejriwal is trying to bring. Another major fold that drives the rest of the non-Delhiites to start hating the so-called Supreme Leader is the Pareto Rule.
Some might be familiar with this Pareto rule, while for others, it can simply be defined as 80% of the belongings being driven by the top 20% population. In other words, it can be said that the richest 20% section of the society contributes to 80% of the assets of the nation. And it is this 20% population that is altering the minds of the rest of the population as well.
But despite of these small reasons and problems, there are numerous other reasons that call for Kejriwal being an ignorant prick by millions of people spread throughout the nation. A few of them are mentioned below.

1. The COMMON MAN Problem

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What Kejriwal did was cater the needs of the common man. It is agreed upon that the common man needs hundreds of thousands of reforms to lead a life that a rich person or a celebrity is already leading, but the fact that the rich people rule the common people can’t be ignored. Though this ruling thing brings about rage in many people, but the fact just won’t change with this outrage. A thing that Kejriwal has ignored is that despite he gets 70% of his votes from the common people, this doesn’t mean that he won’t help those who didn’t vote for him. This is a democracy, not an outrageous vengeance ground. And what these 30% of the voters do is start criticizing Kejriwal for his efforts, which at one point or the other, become an issue of national importance. India is intolerant after all.

2. Lack of Awareness

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A large population outside Delhi is just not aware about the efforts Kejriwal is making to lead Delhi to a better residing place. Though the official AAP’s profile on Twitter tries posting whereabouts of the Kejri party, they forget the fact that everyone is not on Twitter. Moreover, thousands of people still prefer the print and television media rather than Social Networking sites, at least for news topics.

3. The BIASED Media

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As mentioned in the previous point, print and media of television still plays a vital role in spreading of news. But the problem with many Indian media channels and papers is that they can be bought! Yes, this is a controversial topic and can ask for discussion, but for the moment, take our word on it. And a big problem with Kejri’s government that complements with this problem is he doesn’t believe in buying newspapers and media articles. Hence, there is just a meager news about the reforms and practices that Kejri does that reach the people who are not affected by it, or in other words, non-Delhiites. As a matter of fact, a lot of Indians still are unknown to the Odd-Even car rule implemented by Kejriwal in Delhi.

4. The Great Indian Modi Fans

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Another big role in defaming Kejri in the eyes of non-Delhiites is done by Modi fans, but not by all of them. This defaming thing is done just by those Modi fans that hate every step that Kejriwal takes. Believe it or not, there are many people, or must I say, conservative people, who, if they like one thing, would put in every effort in their power to oppose the other. And a few Modi fans are like this. In order to add to the misery, many of such Modi fans are non-Delhiites and play a major role in defaming Kejriwal’s revolt.

5. The RAW Data

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Last but not the least, as per simple statistics, it can be said that if 2% of Delhiites hate Kejri, and at the same time, if 2% of non-Delhiites (rest of the Indians) hate Kejri, the latter would obviously be a much larger figure than the former. This is why, it becomes a misconception that many people criticize and hate Kejri, despite his efforts and his struggle in this colonial democracy that we have started having in the country.