Why Don't These Evil Spirits Leave Me Alone!

Now I have seen and read a lot about Evil Spirits. Wikipedia, now I know a lot more than you on the subject of ghosts. Why? That’s because I check out a lot of authentic ghost videos every day. Each and every ghost video is a sure shot proof that there are paranormal creatures in this universe and there is no way you can separate them from this realm of mortals.

Evil Spirits
The Ghost In The Bath

This is second in series about the ghost capture in the haunted guest house at Morgan Hill. Morgan Hill is located in California. You all know about it? Yeah! Did you know the whole area is haunted? In fact, catching up with a ghost is not an uncommon thing. A midnight drive down the streets of Morgan hill could yield positive results on paranormal activity.
Yes, there are many evil spirits out there. No, they are not from the overworked staff in the Silicon Valley. They are real evil ghosts.
Coming back to the point, as we exited the bedroom feeling a bit uneasy as everything was in shambles. I and my companion started to feel that we were not alone. We came out and checked the stairway to the first floor. Nothing there. Suddenly we caught a glimpse of something in the doorway. We were frozen still. It suddenly disappeared into thin air.

What The Evil Spirits Were Doing In The House

There was certainly somebody standing in the doorway. Scared, we hesitantly checked if there was somebody there. We could not move. We simply gazed through the camera. There was nothing there, simply ether.
We turned back to our previous stance. She was there. Yes she was there for sure. Then she zipped away, just like she had done before.
We were damn scared. I remember my companion had peed in his pants. Thanks to these evil spirits.