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Before we start discussing about the reasons that have led Indians in becoming intolerant, we really need to define what intolerance is, because a lot of us confuse it with revolting against our basic rights! Intolerance basically means unwillingness to accept any beliefs or views that someone has, especially when those beliefs differ from ours, which basically is the case everywhere nowadays. Intolerance is NOT a wrong deed. Just like in any other circumstance, it gets wrong when we start forcing others to agree with us, similarly in the case of intolerance, the wrong message is imparted to others when we start forcing them to be intolerant on a topic that we are intolerant on.
Keeping in mind this broad prospect, here are a few reasons why Indians are being termed as intolerant nowadays.
1. We (the Indians) have become so sensitive that we consider everything going against us. Beginning from a subtle comment made by some random celebrity to some random YouTube video, we just lose it! We become so absorbed in the process of proving it wrong that we forget one important point that needs to be implemented here. That point is LOGIC.

2. We try convincing everyone to agree with us, which again raises an issue. If someone likes, say Vada Pav, and the other prefers say Pizza, the later will start convincing the former to start hating Vada Pav and loving Pizza, as per the present scenario. The thing is why should one even hate Vada Pav? And even if he hates it, what is the necessity to like Pizza? An implementation of this example is convincing whole India for banning beef just because some people have a problem with it. This is the authority being intolerant!

3. If I don’t feel safe in a country, I have the right to speak it openly. But the issue with the Indians is if they feel safe so should everyone else. This is why, everyone got so outrageous and revolted against Aamir Khan when he made the same statement.

4. Indian politicians have the habit of implementing the rules as per their will, and after a few years of implementation, checking whether there was even a need to implement that! One of the many flaws in this process is that the politicians pass that rule because they have been intolerant on a private level against something. Banning a Muslim’s book and painting the author’s face black will cause more controversy than letting the person release it. Anyway, he has the right for the same.

5. India is one of the most violent countries throughout the world, but it still houses millions of people that have suppressed anger deep inside them. So when they disagree with some random scenario, instead of letting it go, they start using social media to get rid of their anger, and bring out the rage of others.

6. Believe it or not but one of the major issues giving rise to the spread of such news and media is the social network. The social sites make a huge amount of money with these regular discussions and hence, keep on igniting such issues that could bring out the anger of people.

7. And then comes the worst thing of all – The Religious Intolerance. India has a long-lasting fight with Pakistan, and the fight remains so prominent that the two countries keep on fighting even without a reason. But in the past few years, this fight has got oriented towards non-secularism. Majority of the Indians are Hindus, and they seem to have a problem with all other religions, especially Muslim religion. As a matter of fact, when Aamir Khan informed that his wife suggested moving out of India because of safety concerns, a few reputed politicians had a view that Aamir should leave India and go to Pakistan. What is the deal with sending all the Muslims to Pakistan? They are Indian Muslims and India is their birthright! In regard to this, commenting ill of other religions just to provoke them for a fight is also not secular at any level, and gives rise to intolerance of numerous sorts.
Calling others intolerant is really easy but checking yourself up for this disease is not. The statement of intolerance that we make on every other person is just not it. ISIS and other terrorist groups’ attacks are intolerant! Attack on Charlie Hebdo’s office was intolerant! Using violent measures over a peaceful protest is intolerant! FORCING OTHERS TO AGREE WITH YOUR INTOLERANCE IS INTOLERANT!
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