Who Cheats? Men Or Women

However, there’s always been one question on everyone’s mind: ‘Who cheats more, men or women, and why?’.

1) Having an unhappy marriage doesn’t necessarily lead to infidelity

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Most people live under the presumption that declining marriages would force the man to cheat. However, according to a Rutgers university study, 56% of the men who have affairs verily claim to be happy in their marriages – they love what they have and aren’t looking for a way out. But they still cheat. Why?

2) Cheaters tend to get more ‘hands-on’ with their wives when affairs start

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Being involved in an extra-marital affair does not cause men to cut down on the attention they give their spouses, on contraire – when a man starts cheating, his sexual energy is through the roof, and he feels most comfortable with his wife.

3) Cheating does not necessarily lead to divorces

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Studies have proved that affairs lead to 17% of marriages being split up – in most cases, their significant other is okay with it and they have some sort of agreement. Swingers, for starters, are couples who visit such labelled parties just to increase their sexual pool of people.