Whisper Users Reveal The Wackiest And Insanest Reasons They've Been Dumped

Some relationships are not meant to be before they even begin. And after a while of struggling to make things work and failing miserably, comes the time to hear some lame, cliched excuses that people use while breaking up.
We’re all familiar with some of the most commonly used excuses include phrases like “It’s not you, it’s me”, or”We are going in completely different directions”, or maybe even, “I’m not over my ex, so it’s not fair to you.”
All of these are fine, but the ones you are just about to read not only fail to make any sense, but make you feel sorry for the other person.

High Hopes Give Way For Bitter Consequences

Outrageous Reasons People Have Been Dumped
Outrageous Reasons People Have Been Dumped