Where Should You Touch A Man During S*x

How important it is for a woman to turn her man on in a way that he actually ends up uttering “Babe you drive me crazy”? Which woman on this earth doesn’t like seeing her man going crazy when she makes love to him after all? Well if you ask me I would say even turning a man on is an art, you surely gotta know what, when and why but most importantly you should be knowing how? This how to turn a man is surely a complicated question but then answering complicated stuff isn’t impossible no?
In order to turn your man on, the most important thing that you gotta know is which places, as in the places on his body are the most sensitive ones and the places that are prone to make him wild with your touch. Knowing a man’s pleasure triggers is no rocket science, believe me.
Let’s know the sexy stuff now and implement it on his pleasure triggers in order to make your man moan even louder 😉


His Lips (Specifically the outside of the lower lip)


For women those who don’t know, let me tell you honey that male mouth zone is really hot zone. The slope between his outside lower lip and chin are the most sensitive are and that is where your lips and tongue are exactly needed. That particular area has some super sensitive and delicate nerve receptors. So while making out suck his lower lip as much as you can. Kiss along with nibbling, using the tip of your tongue and make him reach the erotic edge.