Do You Know What Google's CEO "Sundar Pichai" Was Doing In India?

Being one of the Top 50 companies in the Fortune 500 list, Google Inc. has influenced the life of anyone and everyone on this Earth’s surface. When we don’t know about anything, “Google It” is a common proverb that we listen to. YouTube, Gmail, Google Maps, and tens of other things have influenced our life and made it easy, and Sundar Pichai has played an influential role in bringing this change.

Pichai’s first visit to his native country after becoming the CEO of this one of the largest companies of the world has become a trending topic. So here are a few agendas he discussed in his two-day trip to India.
1. Google faster

The first and the foremost point he discussed in his native country is making Google search faster, especially for the slow 2G networks that are most prevalent in the country. It is not a secret that India still lags behind when it comes down to internet speed, and hence, Google will work in this regard so that it doesn’t take ages to load the Search page.
2. Translate by tapping

Sundar seems to be a big fan of Indian languages, which is why, he is taking effort to incorporate Google translate within the apps. The person will not have to copy the text in Hindi, go to Google Translate, paste it and get it translated. Instead, the Translate option will appear within the app.
3. FREE Wi-Fi

Indians love free things, even if they don’t want it. And when it is Wi-Fi, who would ever say no to it? Google, in association with RailTel, will be bringing fiber optic Wireless Access Network providing free Wi-Fi at 100 railway stations of the country. The service will begin from Mumbai Central station in January 2016.
4. New Android developers to be trained

Pichai has promised that Google Inc, in association with the National Skill Development Corporation of India, will be investing in the training of as much as 2 million students spread through 30 Universities of India. They will be given proper Android development training.
5. The Hyderabad Campus

Google is planning to launch an improved and huge campus in Hyderabad. This step will enable more recruitment in this multinational tech firm from within the country.
6. Chromebit

Pichai announced that the Asus Chromebit will see a launch in the Indian market in January 2016. This actually is a small mid-priced device, which actually is a fully functional OS-based Chrome computer, but on a handy HDMI disk.
7. Offline Google Maps

Google Inc. has also promised bringing Google Maps in an offline mode. In this way, the map could be downloaded on the device, which would allow easy navigation even without Internet.
8. Project Loon

The dream of providing free internet to everyone in the world seems to be becoming a reality. With two-thirds population of this world still without Internet, Google is beta testing a balloon server based Internet providing system and promises it to launch in India soon, especially in those regions where leased line could not be laid down.
9. Pause and Buffer YouTube Videos

YouTube Offline, which has reached people from all over the world now, was firstly designed for India. Google is also planning to launch the Pause and Buffer feature, where the user will be allowed to pause a YouTube video and let the buffering complete. In the meantime, he need not remain on the site or the app.
10. How about Android Payasam?

With Android’s different versions being named after desserts from all over the world, Pichai on being asked by a student, said that the idea for the Android to get an Indian dessert name will be pitched and an online poll will be conducted for that purpose.

Other than all these developments in the name of “Google for India”, Pichai did seem to have a good time in his native place. He enjoyed a few games of cricket besides having formal meetings with various delegates from throughout the country.