What This Granny Does For Her Grandchildren Will Leave You In Tears!! I Am Touched.

At times, life can be pretty unfair for some people. You will find a lot of people in your locality who are needy and impoverished. They have to struggle for getting a single meal every day. Some of them work hard to arrange food for their children while others have to beg. Many even go hungry. But we still do not take a lesson from this. Rarely have I seen people helping them. Even if they do, its a penny or a dime. Will it solve their problem? Most appalling things that I see people wasting resources such as food and clothes around them without thinking about the destitute. All they can give them is free wisdom, which is useless. Or they would simply shoo the person away.
Poor Granny and Children
In this video you see similar story. A poor family comprising of three members, an old granny, a girl and a boy stay in a miserable condition. The boy wearing a tattered denim Capri, holding the hand of his younger sister makes way back to home from school. The boy has a limp which suggests he has a problem in his leg. Both of them look innocent and cute but hunger is painted bright across their faces. Slowly they walk towards an old lady who had been begging across the street for hours. She has only three pennies in her hand which was given to her by a woman who possessed kind heart. She welcomes the children and with the money in her hand the three of them head towards a nearby grocery store.
All she buys is a loaf of bread and three eggs. But the ending is nerve wracking and heart wrenching. She makes food which is enough for two. Its difficult to watch the video any further. Have a look at the video yourself: