What This Baby Horse Does To The Women Is Adorable !!

I have mentioned it again and again. Horses are one of the most loyal species of animals. In fact, they are very sensitive. They have a deep respect and love for their owners. No wonder, they have assisted men in war despite all the danger around. You must have heard a lot of odes about King Arthur’s loyal horse, Llamrei. This is why I adore these animals so much. I love this baby horse so much.
Well, if you look at this video, the cute foal is teetering and tottering and is finding it hard to find some balance. Maybe, that’s because it is weak. Or it could even have been in a state of fatigue. There are so many moments in the video, where I must have skipped a heartbeat or two while watching the young foal trying to stay erect.
A lady is trying to help it, but the horse is finding it hard to stand up. It can’t even keep it’s head up. Wait it could be swooning. Help, somebody!
It suddenly collapses on top of the lady! Somebody call the vet!
Or am I seeing things from the wrong perspective. The baby horse is up to something.
Oh, the cute hossy is actually playing with the lady. It is pushing it to the ground but since its legs are frail, it seems as if it cannot maintain its balance. The collapse was made in order to hug the lady. Well the lady, Sunny Bayne, doesn’t seem to mind and she says its the best day of her life.
Aww…….isn’t it cute?