What Causes Grey Hair And Grey Hair Treatment

What causes grey hair? This is a common problem which everybody in the modern world is facing. What they don’t know, that why is this happening and how this can be treated.

What Causes Grey Hair?

  • Genetic factors are responsible for our hair turning grey.
  • Psychological factors like stress and shock. If you are tensed over a longer period, you are bound to grey fast.
  • Diet and lifestyle can go a long way in deciding your hair colour.
  • Autoimmune diseases like vitiligo and alopecia areata can damage pigment cells. But this is not a major reason.
  • Premature ageing ailments such as Hutchinson’s-progeria and Werner syndrome. Pernicious anaemia, autoimmune thyroid disease or Down syndrome.
What Causes Grey Hair
Greying Is A Big Problem

Grey Hair Treatment

Hair Pigment is produced by melanocytes . When these are damaged and decayed, the hair colour starts changing. The melanocyte stem cell reservoir is located on the top of the hair follicle. It can replenish the hair colour. But most of the time, the reservoir of stem cells is exhausted. That’s why the hair turns grey.
If you have to stop your hair from turning grey, then you need to reverse this process. You can do that by changing your diet or simply start using a hair serum.