What Can We Learn From Animals ?

For a major part of the world’s population living in cities and towns interaction with animals is a rarity. However there a lucky few who do get to interact with animals, but mainly pets. However that is not a true representation of the animal world and only a few fortunate meet the varied species. There are many who think that this world belongs to us and we are the only worthy keepers of this unique planet. While that is a completely erroneous notion, some people think quite differently. They are blessed because they have learned some valuable lessons in life from others who share this planet with us, members of the animal kingdom. And the best thing is that we can learn loads of mannerisms from animals. So if you think what can we learn from animals, here we present to you 6 of the most wonderful lessons we can learn from animals.
One look at the many wonderful TV channels and the eye popping videos from the animal world leaves us amazed. Such a beauteous display of personality and intelligence is an evidence of the numerous things animals can teach us. Read on!

1. The art of patience

So, what can we learn from animals when it comes to the art of patience. The whole of the animal world is ruled by the concept of doing things when the time is right. They follow the cycle of nature and never do things out of turn or for frivolous reasons. Watch how a bear waits for the salmon to come upstream right into his hands, he doesn’t get into the water and rush downstream even if he knows the fishes are coming his way.  

What can we learn from animals- patience
Bear catching fish

2. The future is uncertain

What can we learn from animals? Animals never worry about tomorrow, as the concept of future is quite unknown to them. All they care about is today and now. They don’t worry and plan for tomorrow, that’s how they enjoy their today more than many of us do. There is a lesson for you and me and that is to make “today” the most important thing in our lives.

What can we learn from animals- not to worry

3. Respect for hierarchy

This has to be one of the best lessons when it comes to what can we learn from animals. More than anyone else it is the animals that respect age and remember no one ever told them to do so either. It is an inherent part of their nature, it’s in their DNA and they know they survive because of it. Animals learn from their elders and have been passing on their knowledge in a similar fashion to their young ones. It is because their young one’s are willing to respect and learn from the elders. This aspect is one of the best things we can learn from animals.

What can we learn from animals- respect for elders
Ducks in water

4. It’s important to listen

What can we learn from animals- hearing

Most animals rely heavily on their sense of hearing for survival. Another great thing we can learn from animals! Humans have ears to, but how often do you find people just waiting to talk anything but meaningfully. Instead of listening with patience and then answering thoughtfully, what many of us do is listen only partly and are eager to only reply back. So, remember this best aspect of what can we learn from animals.

5. Working as a team is what counts

This is one of the most important lessons we can learn from animals. Look at the tiny little ants perform almost heroically in building an anthill and then protecting it, or maybe how tenaciously bees collect honey in a coordinated effort. They believe that “United we flourish and divided we perish”. You can find a strong example of this when they face a hurdle and how they communicate to the rest of the team, who together takes evasive action or join hands to attack.

What can we learn from animals - Teamwork of ants
Teamwork of ants

6. Try to find a way

Ever seen how a dog mentally plan a strategy to get a morsel of meat, how he keeps looking while his brain is busy devising a plan. There is always a way, giving up is never a part of their mental makeup. Try stopping an ant from going somewhere and see how it will try various alternative routes to get to its destination, there’s no giving up at all. How an eagle will fly into the sky with a tortoise in its beak and then drop it. When it reaches ground zero, the shell will get cracked to make his food available to him. If you have a predicament just think of them and devise a plan, just find the way. This has to be one of those inspiring lessons what can we learn from animals.

What can we learn from animals- to make a way out of trouble
Bird with earthworm in beak

Actually if you look deeply and with the hope of learning, there are hundreds of lessons to be learnt from our animal friends. Each and every member of the animal kingdom can and do teach us something unique, only if we are a little willing to learn and have an open mind about it. So, the next time you think what can we learn from animals, remember there are many things we can learn from them.
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