Well, Love Is Not A 'Bed of Roses' Everytime. Sometimes It Leads To These 10 Things.

Love is something magically alluring and everyone has experienced this feeling at-least once in a lifetime. When we are in love ‘initially’ everything about the other is good enough and acceptable too but as time passes by the ‘lovey-dovey’ scenario takes the “not much expected” turn.
Agreeing yeah? definitely yes! so have a look:

1. Online/ Active Now Scenario

Being Online on Whatsapp and Active Now on Messenger can be considered as Step 1 to the stupid fights. As per this scenario, one among them will definitely point out: Why did you not reply inspite of being online’? or in the worse case ‘Just block me when you can’t reply to my text ‘ or even worst ‘You are talking to someone else ‘.

2. Deviating Eyes

Now this is something which marks the beginning of possessiveness and it heads towards the next set of fights. Remember! in a relationship it is a crime to even rotate your eye balls towards another person. The whole ‘paraya mard’/’parayi aurat’ tantrum will burst out. Alas! the ‘checking out’ part will be missed.

3. The ‘Line Busy’ Mode

The alarming situation arises when we hear the partners call line busy at odd hours. They might be talking something important or with someone in family. But! does this really bother that time?? 😛