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Hearing test
Hearing Loss

Are you aware of the fact that, as we age, we lose our capabilities to hear high sound frequencies which could be easily heard when we were young. The process of natural aging of ears is known as presbycusis, which began as early as 18 and is unavoidable. You better take a hearing test as to know exactly how old your ears are.
It has been reported that over 15% of American adults are affected by the hearing loss. Genetics, age or exposure to loud noise can be accounted for this. Playing loud music or using headphones to listen to songs for a prolonged time is also one of the leading cause of hearing loss.


Presbycusis occurs when the cells of ear age and is completely different from the noise-induced hearing loss which happens to a sustained exposure to very loud noises. When a loud noise falls on your ears, the hair cells present inside become over-stimulated. Due to this, the body responds by sending oxygen to this region of ears, which leads to oxidative cell death. Once damaged, the cells in the ears cannot process sound waves leading to partial or complete hearing loss.

hearing test

There are certain high-frequency sounds that only young people can hear, however if you have been kind to your ears and have kept them away from excessive noise pollution, there are chances that you may hear some high-pitched sounds that are beyond your hearing age.
Do you know that the normal range of hearing in humans is from 20 hertz to 20,000 hertz and as we grow old, we lose the ability to hear the lowest and the highest frequency sounds?
So do you want to find out how old are your ears? Dare enough to take this hearing test?

You may not have been able to listen to some of the sounds. But, this should not depress you, as the age-related hearing loss is common and a natural process.
According to a research conducted by the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality of the U.S Department of Health and Human Services, frequencies between 500 hertz and 4000 hertz are the most important for speech processing. So, after the age of 25, if you have lost the ability to hear a sound of more than 17 Kilo Hertz, you need not start panicking.
Have you ever considered which types of sounds are harder to hear? You may know that sound is made of waves which vibrate at different frequencies. Frequency depicts how fast or slow a sound wave vibrates. Some sounds may be high pitched than others. Higher pitched sounds such as dog whistles have high frequency and hence vibrate faster, whereas low pitched sounds such as rumbling of an engine have low frequency making the sound waves vibrate slowly.
Any sound above 85 decibels for more than a minute can be harmful to your ears. Some of the below-mentioned tips can keep you away from hearing loss:
How to Prevent Hearing Loss:

  1. Limit the sounds in your life by keeping a check over the time you spend near loud noise atmosphere.
  2. Use earplugs or earmuffs when you are certain that you will be exposed to loud sounds.
  3. Clean your ears regularly by removing earwax.
  4. Stop smoking as tobacco has been linked to hearing loss.
  5. Get your hearing test done by a certified physician.

On a smart note, some kids have started using these high-pitched sounds as their ringtones, so that they can easily get calls which their parents can’t hear. Smart isn’t it?