Ways To Help You Save Your Broken Marriage

Marriage, they say is an official stamp probably to symbolize that two people are now going to stay together forever, though I don’t know how far this forever kinda thing is actually working. I mean is marriage only about stating stuff officially to the public or changing your relationship status to “Married” or getting an official license to sleep with someone?
I just don’t know how to express about the agony I feel when I see marriages breaking. Why do they really happen if they are meant to break? Isn’t marriage about a soul connection? A connection that should be growing with time and should get stronger with the passage of time. Are we humans not able to understand the beauty of marriage or are we too casual about things?
It’s never too late always remember that. If you really wanna work it out and really wish to save your breaking marriage, then now is the time. It’s today’s initiation that would make a happier future.
Here are some beneficial ways to save your marriage:

1. Show faith in your relationship

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Faith!! Now that’s something of utmost importance when it comes to saving your marriage from breaking. You need to have a very serious and positive approach towards your relationship. Until and unless you start showing faith in your marriage it won’t really reflect any kinda positive results. Show faith; make your partner feel that you have 100% trust in this marriage and that you both will surely be able to work it out.

2. Show that you care

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One can never deny the vital roles that care plays in a marriage. It’s like when everything else seems to fade away, care is something that makes you hold on. Show care in those small instances for your partner, show the concern for him/her, be it in terms of taking care of their health issues or getting their day-today needs on time. Care enough to make your partner feel how much important you are to them.

3. Communicate

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You know where the problem generally lies? It’s the communication gap that happen between the life partners. It might happen because of lack of understanding or may be time issues or may be lack of compatibility. But that’s not my point you know. My point is not focused on how, it’s concerned with why. Why let lack of communication break such a beautiful bond called marriage? So talk to your partner, communicate about the goods and the bads. Tell them what’s lacking and what you wanna do about it. Just talk. Say it all.

4. Understand #you need to know What, Why & How

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How good is a relationship if you cannot even understand each other’s aspects. If you ask me I personally believe that without understanding and getting into other’s shoes you just cannot put in 100% efforts. You need to think from your partner’s aspect too, apart from what you want. Marriage is about two people after all? Understand each other’s desires, issues, discomforts and start working on them. Most importantly make each other understand that you both wanna work it out rather than breaking it.

5. Accept flaws and move forward

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Flaws. Yes, I surely know they are hard to accept but then we shouldn’t be giving upon each other, isn’t it? Marriage isn’t about giving upon each other, rather it is about accepting each other’s flaws and moving forward in this journey called life. Acceptance is what makes you great always remember that. Loving your partner for what they are, is something that keeps your marriage going. Move forward, forget what is wrong. Accept the bad and work for good.

6. Get intimate

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Getting intimate isn’t about a need. Be very clear about it when you get close to your partner. Getting intimate isn’t merely about getting naked or laid. It’s about feeling the two souls connecting with each other in those moments. Hence, when it all seems to fall, get close to your partner, make love to them, make them feel how much you adore them with your touch and how much high you still feel when he/she is so close.

7. Go on a small trip/vacation

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At times those same kinda monotonous schedules of you and your partner also don’t let you move on from those endless arguments and those fading magic scenarios. You need to initiate and take your partner out somewhere, may be for a day or it can even be a longer duration vacation. Spend quality time with your partner, do all those crazy things which actually bought you both together. Be it watching those sunsets together or swimming or may be dressing up in those college time favourite attires or may be talking dirty. Break the monotony and go on. Take a step further.

8. Be an initiator, don’t always expect your partner to initiate

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You need to learn to be an initiator when it comes to saving your marriage. Know the fact that being an initiator doesn’t make you small or somewhat less than your partner. Initiate small little efforts and conversations. Initiate small things like surprise dinners or a bunch of flowers to make them feel special. The small little initiations of today have a lot bigger impact on your partner than you can ever imagine, always remember that.

9. It isn’t the conflict but the disrespect factor that ruins marriages # Remember# Respect

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Always remember one factor, that every couple argues and has one or the other conflict among themselves but then there is a transparent line between conflicts/arguments and DISRESPECTING your partner. When you start to disrespect your partner, your marriage surely starts going on a negative and breaking direction. Fight, argue, make your partner understand what you wish to but don’t disrespect them. Once you start to respect his/her views they will never give upon you. Respect is never out of fashion, remember that.

10. LOVE

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Not always what’s stated at the end is least important. So yes, though love came last in this list, but without it the concept called marriage itself stands invalid. I stated it in the last because love embraces it all, it covers everything. Love is supposed to bloom in your commitment called marriage. Love your life partner. Just because you got married to them don’t take your partner for granted. Love them each day. Keep your love consistent. Don’t let go the most important person of your life just like that. Most of all love them for everything they are and not what you want them to become.
P.S Stay loyal and let him/her feel the thing called love along with affection each day.