Ways Men Can Flaunt Thesmselves On Their Date

Why should only girls have the privilege of flaunting themselves on their dates and in general?
It’s time for the amazingly handsome men out their to put it in gear and make their dates awestruck with these simple flaunting tricks!

1. Roll Up Your Sleeves!

Men - Roll up shirt
That’s How They Roll It

Yes, flaunt your forearms and even if you don’t have the perfect one, flaunt! Girls love it when guys roll up their sleeves, but of course, wear a full sleeve shirt for that. This somehow makes you look more confident and tempting!

2. Wear Proper Dress Shoes

Men - Dress Shoes
Classy Dress Shoes

If you think the girl you’re taking out is mature, please wear dress shoes! Matured girls, rather women love them. It gives you a classy and elegant look. Men look more mature, dedicated and serious with such small dressing gestures. But of course, do not pair it up with any casual tee, this will go good only with nice buttoned shirt or a suit/tuxedo for a more formal date.

3. Be Polite And Yet Hoarse

Men -Zac Efron- I'm Batman
Perfect Voice?

It is such a turn on when men are polite and have a hoarse voice, but please do not over fake it! It sucks when guys try to fake their voices and accent. Be polite with your words, gestures and the tone, but let the voice be hoarse and firm.

4. Keep A Proper Trimmed Beard/Mustache

Men - Beckham Beard
Beardckham- Perfection

It is okay if you don’t have a beard or mustache, but girls do love men with beard. And if you have beard or mustache, keep it clean and trimmed. It is advisable to shampoo and condition your beard before the date, it is the best way to keep it looking good and smelling awesome.

5. Be Gentle With Waiters And People Around

Adriana Lima On Men
Looking For Polite Men

Women love to be treated with delicacy and politeness. Then, there are a very few women in this world who like their man/date treating everyone nice. These women are good to be with and generous. If you are taking her out to a restaurant, make sure you treat the waiters, valets and even the doorman well. This will make you look desirable and polite and worth taking on for the next date!

6. Talk, Communicate Rather

Men - Couple communicating
Couple communicating

Girls love talking, women love communicating! Women don’t just like to sit there and babble, they would rather have a heated conversation with you than to make you listen to her bullshit. So never make her talk alone, give your view points, talk about your experiences, tell her your story. Even when she discusses about the color of the curtain in the restaurant, comment on it.

7. Men, Buy Her Flowers

Men - Archaic Desires
Archaic Desires

No matter how casual your date it, buy her a bouquet of flowers. Even if you think a bouquet would be too much, get her a single rose and you’ve already won, my friend! Don’t go on your knees while you give her the flower, instead smile and bow a little. And trust me, you’ll see a spark in her eyes!
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