Wait Till You See These Worst Earthquakes In History That Ruined Different Parts Of The World!!

20. Yungay, Peru

When: May 31, 1970; Magnitude: 7.9

Worst Earthquakes: Peru
Millions of people were affected by this earthquake

It was a black day for Peruvians as this earthquake affected about 3 million people of the region. The prolonged quakes took the life of about 20,000 people and also caused a loss of about $500 million.

19. Lisbon, Portugal

When: November 1, 1755; Magnitude: 8.5

Worst Earthquakes: Lisbon
Lisbon’s earthquake demolished a whole lot

Accompanied by deadly fires and tsunamis, this disastrous event was renamed to be the ‘Great Lisbon Earthquake.’ Killing an unsure number of people ranging between 10,000 and 100,000, this event did lead to the beginning of modern scientific researches, seismology and earthquake engineering.

18. Tabriz, Iran

When: April 26, 1721; Magnitude: 7.7

Worst Earthquakes: Tabriz
Iran shook with this one

With the casualties being somewhere between 8,000 to 250,000, the earthquake was termed to be an omen of misfortune. It also played a major role in the takeover of Tabriz by the Ottoman Empire in 1722.

17. Shamakhi, Azerbaijan

When: November, 1667; Magnitude: 6.9

Worst Earthquakes: Shamakhi
This event changed the history of the place

With death count tolling to 80,000; this earthquake that had a focal depth of about 12 km underneath the Earth’s surface caused a damage of about $25 million.

16. Kashmir, India

When: October 8, 2005; Magnitude: 7.6

Worst Earthquakes: Kashmir
The Kashmir earthquake was a grave disaster

This one hit not only in the Kashmir region but also affected neighboring countries causing a staggering death toll of 85,000 and injuring about 70,000 people. A cost of about $6 billion was incurred in aid operations from all over the world.