Wait Till You See These Worst Earthquakes In History That Ruined Different Parts Of The World!!

From Primary School have we been educated about the causes of Earthquakes and the disaster management techniques that we need to follow in order to save ourselves from the calamity. But nonetheless, our heartbeat rises and an aura of panic surrounds us whenever such a circumstance happens. So, do we really know that much about these rigorous disturbances in the plates under the Earth’s surface? Or are we too ignorant of the fact that these earthquakes can happen at any point of time, and we need to be prepared at all instants to prevent the losses? Nonetheless, here are a few worst earthquakes this world has even witnessed, that actually did cause a lot of damage either because of the unpreparedness of people or because of its high magnitude.

25. Nepal

When: April 25, 2015; Magnitude: 7.8

Worst Earthquakes: Nepal
The aftermath of Nepal earthquake

This earthquake hit the area between the capital city, Kathmandu and the city of Pokhara. This devastating one of the worst earthquakes took the lives of as much as 5,000 people along with injuring more than 10,000.

24. Nankai, Japan

When: September 20, 1498; Magnitude: 8.6

Worst Earthquakes: Japan
The destruction in Nankai, Japan

This one dates back ages with the epicenter being the coast of Nankai, Japam. The quake triggered a huge tsunami that took the lives of as much as 31,000 people along with disrupting the then developed nation.

23. Izmit, Turkey

When: August 17, 1990; Magnitude: 7.8

Worst Earthquakes: Turkey
The killer Turkey’s earthquake

Causing a loss of property of worth $20 billion, this one hit bad killing about 20,000 people and injuring about 45,000 of them. Other than the fatality, as much as 200,000 houses got destroyed making more than 300,000 people homeless.

22. Rudbar, Iran

When: June 21, 1990; Magnitude: 7.4

Worst Earthquakes: Iran
Iran’s earthquake was a disaster

Earthquakes usually destroy houses and regions, but this one demolished 700 villages spread across the cities of Manjil and Rudbar. About 40,000 people laid lifeless after the earthquake along with 60,000 injured gravely.

21. Sicily, Italy

When: January 11, 1963; Magnitude: 7.4

Worst Earthquakes: Sicily
Italy had a hard time with its Sicily’s earthquake

Considered to be the most powerful earthquake in Italian history, the death toll reached a staggering height of 60,000. The after tsunami also added to the misery and wiped off two-thirds of population of Catania.