Volvo Did The Most Amazing Thing For The World Which Otherwise Could Have Earned Them Billions

The creator of the 3 point seat belt, Nils Bohlin
The creator of the 3 point seat belt, Nils Bohlin

If estimates given by Volvo, the leading car manufacturer are to be believed , the world owes more than a million lives to the gentleman in the above photograph, Nils Bohlin , the inventor of the revolutionary 3 point seat belt.
The seat belt that we have access to and take for granted now a days was a turning point in car making when it was introduced back in the day. It is claimed that the probability of surviving a major accident is 50% when seat-belts are used.
In the middle of the 20th century , cars were increasingly becoming more and more accessible to different consumer groups. It was no longer a luxury to be enjoyed only by the rich , but despite its growing popularity , safety was an overlooked facet when it came to manufacturing cars.
Bohlin was recruited by Volvo in 1958 . Sources say that Gunnar Engelau, ( CEO of Volvo at the time ) had himself lost a relative in a car accident and desperately wanted to create a better alternative for safety in the company’s cars. Bohlin,  who worked as an aircraft designer for the aircraft making giant, Saab used his experience in aeronautical safety with a view to improve car safety.