This Chewing Gum Ad Is Going Viral

While numerous individuals may not be altogether mindful of the obviously sentimental draw of chewing gum. Well known brand Extra Gum is doing its best to convey the chew-able treat’s passionate side to light in a heart-tweaking new plug. This is demonstrating a reaction so strong that it is really diminishing developed men to tears.
As Haley Reinhart’s thought on “Can’t Help Falling in Love” plays out of sight, we witness an affectionate story. As Sarah and Juan lock eyes, Sarah is so overpowered with the sentimental association that she flushes and turns away. This sets the tone for whatever remains of the business.

Chewing Gum Spells Love

Through secondary school, picnics, prom, battles and long-separate, one thing stays consistent in the middle of Juan and Sarah, the couple. That is Extra Gum.
Every time Sarah gives Juan a stick of gum, Juan draws on the wrapper a short time later. Everything meets up toward the end, when Sarah is directed to a private space. She is sentimental to find that Juan had been sparing these wrappers recording their excursion. In a sentimental and private setting, Sarah discovers one wrapper with Juan proposing. The ad lingers to Juan really proposing Sarah.

Chewing Gum
Extra Gum Ad Is Going Viral

“The Story of Sarah and Juan” lets us know that love has the ability to touch your heart.  Everything happens in only two minutes.
They’ve been through the great, the awful, and the terrible, however figure out how to stay together through it all! Man this is an awesome chewing gum.