Vegetable Cutter Is Not Needed To Cut These Veggies

What happens when some people visit your home for a dinner? Either you can serve them something ready made or you need to do something by yourself. If you decide to cook them something, then it means a lot of cutting and chopping. It may be hellish if you are facing a strict deadline. You pick up the vegetables and start chopping them with a vegetable cutter .
Now if you are a trained cutter, it may be an easy job. But if you are not, then you can say goodbye to cooking your food. Even if you have the intention to learn chopping and dicing, it may take years to hone your skills. Then what would you do?
So here are two easy vegetable cutter hacks for you so that cutting veggies in no more of a pain for you.

Vegetable Cutter Tip #1: Employ The Pizza Cutter For Odd Jobs

Don’t underestimate the power of your humble pizza cutter. In fact, it can cut a lot of things other than the pizza. If you are making a salad and need to chop the celery into small pieces, then you simply need a pizza cutter and not a knife. Simply run it over the celery and voila, all the celery is chopped in equal pieces. You can even cut firm vegetables like carrots or radish. Ready to have a salad with a dip?

Vegetable Cutter Tip 1
Chopping Vegetables With Pizza Cutter


Vegetable Cutter Tip#2: Plates To Chopping Rescue

Cutting tomatoes is a daunting task because they are squishy. You can end up with a mess while performing the circumcision around this chubby vegetable. Hell, what do you do then. Take two glass plates. Now if you look at the plate from the bottom, you see a small section jutting out at the base. This is a stand for the the plate otherwise the plate would wobble.
Well, this stand can be used for cutting tomatoes as well. How? Let me teach you how. Place half a dozen tomatoes on the stand (not the big ones but the small cherry ones). Then compress it from above with a similar glass plate. Why do you need a glass plate? That’s because you need something transparent for controlling the tomatoes, lest they might not be in position while cutting. Then take a knife and run them from the centre. All your tomatoes are evenly cut, and in a single go.

Vegetable Cutter Tip 2
Cutting Cherry Tomatoes In One Go

Now weren’t these life hacks handy. Are you ready to dump your vegetable cutter?