Itchy Down There? You Might Be Ignoring These Signs But This Might Be Really Serious.

#4 Yeast Infections

Just like bacterial vaginosis, yeast infections are also guilty of causing that embarrassing itch. Over 75% women suffer from \/aginal infection at least once in their life. There are many OTC creams and medications that help take care of the symptoms.

Vaginal Itch Can be Irritating
Fungal Infections are the Most Common Cause

#5 Contact Dermatitis

Skin allergies can also cause your ‘V’ to itch. Allergies down there can occur due to perfumes, laundry detergents, certain sanitary napkins, condoms, lubricants, as well as shampoos! This kind of itching occurs along with redness, swelling, as well as thickened skin around the vagina.

Vaginal Itch Can be Irritating
A Sensitive Skin Around the Vagina Can Develop Itchiness

#6 Shaving Can Lead to \/aginal Itch

Shaving does leave you feeling smooth and silky down there, but it can also turn into a disaster at times, especially when the stubs start growing. Thus, causing an itchy garden that leads to irritation and discomfort.

Vaginal Itch Can be Irritating
Waxing Can Cause Skin Irritation That Can Lead to a Nasty Itch Down There