Itchy Down There You Might Be Ignoring These Signs But This Might Be Really Serious


At times, completely out of nowhere, you start itching down there. And it becomes so frustrating as you can’t just reach down there and scratch yourself everytime.

Vaginal itch is quite common and something all women experience at some point or the other. A few face this problem during the periods and some after sex. Yet, not all take the vaginal itch as a serious problem as the itch tends to resolve itself soon. However, in some cases, a constant itch down there can be a sign of a serious health issue. If you feel itchy, develop a burning sensation in your vagina, or even bleed from the surrounding tissue, you need to run to a gynaecologist. But before you make a run to your doctor’s office, make sure you go through 10 common reasons why you have the constant vaginal itch.
Vaginal Itch Can be Irritating
Let’s Figure out What Causes the Vagina to Itch

1 STD’s

A girl has needs and one of the needs is “$ex”. A $exually active healthy woman cannot rule out $ex as one of the reasons for the vaginal itch. At times, you may catch a bug leading to a sexually transmitted disease. These include gonorrhea, trichomoniasis, genital herpes, chlamydia, etc. They all can lead to an itchy vagina. Just make sure you call your doctor for help and do not let things escalate.

Vaginal Itch Can be Irritating
STD Infection Can Lead to Itching in Vagina

Itchy Down

2 Dangerous Fabrics

The itch down there may be due to the nylon panty you are wearing or a perfumed soap that you use. \/aginas are very sensitive and any form of irritation can lead to itching, burning, and discomfort. So, make sure you wear clean cotton panties and do not use very harsh soaps, deodorants, and perfumes near your \/agina.
Vaginal Itch Can Be Irritating
Irritation May Cause You to Itch

3 Bacterial Vaginosis Can Cause Vaginal Itch

One of the most common reasons for getting itchy below the belt is Bacterial vaginosis. Combine it with a foul-smelling discharge that is watery, it’s a sign you need to visit your doctor.


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