Unlucky People Who Died Ironic Deaths.

Like God, Death also works in mysterious ways.
Some are painful and filled with misery while the others are just funny enough to tickle your funny bone and you can’t help but ask what were these people thinking?
Here is a list of 8 unlucky people Who faced the inevitable in the most  hilarious way possible.

Down the shoot

People nowadays are always in a hurry.
I understand that you have a lot on your plate, but patience is still considered a virtue.
A South Korean man was foreign to the concept of patience, which leads to his sorry but at the same time funny demise.

Too much hurry caused his death

This unlucky man, on a wheelchair, got annoyed when an elevator that he was trying catch,leaves him.
To him ramming his wheelchair into the doors was an apt way to vent out his frustration and anger, until he gained access to the elevator.But unfortunately, the doors did not take his anger and broke , giving him access to the elevator shaft,where he plunges down to his death.
I am confused which emoji will be apt for the situation. 🙂 or :(.

Brush with death

A Croatian man plans to make a chimney cleaner, a Nobel thought right.
What could have possibly gone wrong with this?
Let yourself be the judge and take a look at the list of things he employed to make his chimney cleaner.
2. chain
3. Something to weigh it down-A  lives grenade.

Used live grenade to make a chimney cleaner

And he goes to work, turns on his welding gear and BOOM.
Bye bye, Croatian man. We will miss you and your stupidity.

Didn’t see it coming

A great example of the difference between believing and knowing.
A Russian man had himself convinced of  posses the physic ability to stop moving vehicles.
And where these Quirky thoughts bred from.
Wait for it,laughter on its way.

Ironic-Didn't see it coming
I believe I can stop vehicles

His belief had bred from his experience of him jumping in front of cars and them stopping.He thought  it was his ability and not the presence of mind of the drivers to apply breaks in time.
With this notion he had the audacity to stand in front of a train, but as we all know how that  would have ended.
R.I.P the man who could stop moving vehicles:)

Escaping into Danger

This is a good example of the phrase, “Look where you are going”.
In South Africa, two muggers rob a couple and while making their escape from the scene one of them jumped right into the laps of death when he found himself to entered a zoo.

Escaping into danger
Look where you are going.

Do I need to elaborate as to what happened to the poor lad?
He became a great refreshment for the zoo tiger from the regular food.
His misfortune did earn him a spot on the list of ironic deaths.