Ulcers In Mouth And Their Meaning

These developing positions of the ulcer have its own meaning. By understanding the relation between mouth ulcer’s position and its meaning, we can easily find out the diseases or the metabolism disorders occurring inside any organ of our body.
What causes mouth ulcers?
It’s hard to believe that still scientists don’t know what causes mouth ulcers. But as per beliefs and researches mouth ulcers are caused mainly by the following:

  1. Blood and immune system diseases, including AIDS, diabetes, tuberculosis, diabetes etc.
  2. Vitamin and mineral deficiencies
  3. Reaction to certain drugs
  4. Allergies
  5. Poor oral hygiene
  6. Oral thrush infection, Herpes simplex viral infection, Syphilis and a range of other infections
  7. Cancer of the lips

Emotional stress, menstruation, and injury to the mouth such as accidental biting of the cheek, injury from a toothbrush, burns from eating hot food, and irritation from strong antiseptics are some of the common triggers for mouth ulcers. Having citrus or acidic foods can also trigger one of them.
What is the hidden meaning behind a mouth ulcer developed at a specific place?
Now, let’s understand the meaning of different mouth ulcers:

On the tongue


Blisters on the tongue

Tongue Ulcer may develop on the tip, sides or under the tongue and it specifies too much heat in a certain organ. It is believed that when your digestion system is not working properly and the acid is in the excess inside your body, it reflects in the form of canker sore on the tongue. If it happens on the tip, it means excessive heat in the heart. Drink more and more fluids to get rid of these. You can add gooseberry juice to your diet.

At the base of the gums

Blisters On The Gums

Ulcer at the base of the gums usually represents the poor oral hygiene, which can lead to gingivitis and tooth decay. Poorly contoured dental restorations, failing restoration, and food compaction can cause gums to be locally sore. To avoid this, keep your mouth clean. Another cause can be a problem in the digestive track. Add more salads to your diet to avoid these. This can also happen due to mouth injury which will cure with time.

On the inner side of the lips


Blister in the inner side of the lip