Uber and Ola Roll Back Price Surge

The frequency of Metro rails has been increased and there are more buses plying on the road by the Delhi Government. Yet, the general public prefers hiring private cabs for their journey. Taking advantage of the Odd-Even rule, cab service providers started to overprice and fleece their customers.

Delhi Government Rolls back Price Surge
Passengers Prefer to Use Private Cabs for Commuting

App-based Ride-Haling Companies Think of Making Hay While the Sun Shines

Delhi Government Rolls Back Price Surge
Uber and Ola Try to Fleece Passengers with Overcharging

App-based cabs such as Uber and Ola started to overcharge their customers up to five times the normal fare. This was all blamed to the non-availability of cabs due to the Odd-Even scheme.

Commuters Disgusted by the Insensitivity and Greed of the Service Providers

Delhi Government Takes Action
Many Commuters Were Told No Cabs Available Any More

Commuters such as Radha Saraya had to take her mother to a doctor. She found Uber charging 3.4 times higher and Ola about 2.5 times more than the normal fare from R.K Puram to Saket. Another commuter was charged Rs. 1300 for a ride from east Delhi to Connaught Place at 11 am when the roads are not so crowded.

Delhi Government and Kejriwal Tagged with Complaints

Delhi Government Takes Action
Complaints to Kejriwal with Bill as Proof

Delhi Government Against Overpricing
Complaint that Shows 5x the Surge Pricing

Passengers took to social media and tagged their bill images to Kejriwal. They called upon the Delhi government to take a note of their grievances and curb this unlawful charging.

Auto and Taxi Unions Go On Strike

Delhi Government Against Price Hike

Auto and Taxi Unions Raise Their Problems to Kejriwal

The government averted a proposed strike by Delhi Autorickshaw Sangh and Delhi Pradesh Taxi Union successfully. The Delhi government gave in writing the demands of the Union will be fulfilled. The strike was against the app-based cab operators.

Delhi Government Brings Relief to Troubled Commuters

Delhi Government Takes Action
Tweets by Arvind Kejriwal

A complaints committee has been set up for commuters to contact. A nodal officer will operate the helpline number 01142400400. Any complaint regarding overcharging needs to be submitted with the bill as proof. This proof will be used against the erring party in the court of law. The Transport Department Officials will impound as well as cancel permit of any vehicle found to be charging prices above the government rates.
The Magic of Kejriwal Rubs Over Ola, Uber
Delhi Government Takes Action
Victory Dance by Arvind Kejriwal

With this strict warning, Uber announced over its Delhi Twitter account, “Given the threat to the livelihood of our partners, at the expense of reliability, we are temporarily suspending surge with immediate effect”.
Soon, Ola followed with a tweet that appeared as if in favor of the Delhi Government OddEven initiative rather than as responsive to the developments of the last two days.
Delhi Government Gives Warning to Ola and Uber

Ola Offering Their Explanation Regarding the Price Roll Back

Well, Arwind Kejriwal is determined to make his Odd-Even scheme workout despite all odds. Those who think they can outwit the Delhi government, play with the sentiments of hapless commuters and make a quick extra buck will get an important lesson from this fiasco. The lesson is to play hard and play fair. Or the government is ready to push you out. Yet, it is none other than the public who will bear the brunt of the clashing giants.
Delhi Government and its Action
Uber Makes it a Point to Show Kejriwal is At Fault for Lack of Cabs