Types Of People At The Gym Workout

You probably find the weirdest variety ever found, if you hit a gym workout. This post uncovers all the different kinds of people you usually encounter during your fitness hours !

1. The One Who Meets Outside The Gymnasium But Never Inside

meet outside the gym workout
outside the gymnasium

They will meet everyone who is ready to hit the gym workout while they are outside. But for a strange reason they won’t make it to the real gym workout space.

2. The Flirt Guy/One Who Looks For Chicks

gym flirt
flirt gymnasium

These are people who would jump at any opportunity to talk to a new girl everyday. The reason why these flirts find new space to fulfill their life goals !

3. The Lethargic Gymmer Who is Always Too Tired To Even Begin

lazy at gym workout
lazy homer simpson

Not everybody hits the place to be the next Stallone. As soon as they get the fitness club membership, they loose their enthusiasm to even start !

4. The Injury Gymmer

injury regular gymmer - gym workout
injuries gymmer

Yea maybe they face the consequences. But they will always come to the gymnasium and remember to complain. It just makes them feel important.

5. The Cheater Who Falsely Claims doing a 100 sets

gym workout cheat
cheat/show off at the fitness center

The aim of their visit is to show the other people that they are superior to others. They will act innocent and claim to do a crazy 100 sets !

6. The Noisy Fitness Freak

noisy at gym workout
noisy people at fitness clubs

Yeaaaaaah ! More than their fitness regimen, they are present there to make them sound very macho and appealing. But all they do is annoy.

7. The Abusive Freak

abusive at gym workout
abusive behaviour

This happens, that happens and @#%@#^@&@. Yea they can’t help it but to mouth a few words making the other heads turn around.

8. The One Who Just Walks Around

gym russell brand - no gym workout
russell brand

They are not here for fitness/excercising anyway. They will look so weird. They will walk past equipments looking at what everyone else is doing.

9. The One Who Is Obsessed With Mirror

obsessed with mirror at gym workout time
mirror obsessed

In the present day world you will find plenty like these. All they care is how they look !

10. The Annoying Know It All

the know it all at gym workout
know it all

They will have conversations about protein intakes, the techniques, working hours, global warming and what not.

11. The Stalker

gym workout stalker
stalk at

By stalkers we mean all kind of stalkers. They are after the girls, the guys, they will peep behind your equipment too ( now that was creepy )

12. The One Girl/Guy Always Busy With The Phone

busy texting at gym workout
busy at phone

They are a new species on earth. They live everywhere. They just won’t let go of their cellphones even at peak hours of the day.

13. They Guy Who Takes An Eternity To Finish His Sets

gym workout forever completing sets
sets till eternity at gym

They call themselves Pro. No matter what they will just never want to leave the place (Until the lights go off haha)

14. The Music Freak

listen to music at gym workout
music lover

The reason they go to the gymnasium is is to utilize their playlist. They are real music freaks, and also the tread mill is only a medium to transport to music world.

15. The One Who Visits Gym Only To Take A Shower

shower gym workout
gym shower

They enter the campus, you see them with their bags. The next time you see them is when they exit the restroom after taking a free shower.

16. The Sweaty Beast At The Gym Workout

gym workout sweat guy
sweaty at gym

Maybe it comes naturally to some people. They will sweat out until their cotton workout apparels have to go off. ( eeaarkh ! )

17. The One Who Dresses Up Like It’s a Social Party

gym workout overdressing
overdressed at gym

They get dressed up with their heavy clothes sporting their wayfarers. But instead of hitting a night club they come to the gym workout.

18. The One Who Plans To Go To The Gym But Never Makes It

planning for gym workout and not making it
gym resolutions

They have a goal notebook, promises made to their friends and even new year resolutions explaining why the gym workout is inevitable to them. But they never make it, sadly.
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