Types Of Party People Who Are Freaks in Their Own Right

Party People ! They are the ones who are ready for all social occasions. They are all freaks in their own right, and they do no shy away from showing up or even sometimes spoiling your parties. Have a look at this hilarious post.

1. The Ones In Pairs – The Couples

party people-down-are-we-having-fun-yet
The Couples

They will annoy you to eternity, If they had to be busy amongst themselves, why do they even join a party ??

2.  The Drunkards

giphy (2) Drunk Party People
The Drunk

Some are funny, some are crazy, some throw up and a little chunk of these drunk people need to be handed over to the police too. ( Sigh !! )

3. The Ones Who Are Busy On The Phone – Doing Nothing

party people texting
Busy on Phone

Yea they be like, just give them a seat in the sitting lounge and forget about them. Because these non party people won’t hang out with you anyway ! ( Annoying Tick Tack Tick )