10 Types Of Dates Every Couple Must Go On.

3. Double Date

Friends Camping

Even an idea of a double date can be really fun you know? No matter how filmy kinda it sounds but it surely is a must-try. Best is when this double date with your bff and their partner because things are more comfortable there. 🙂 So pick up a good place and spend time. You will end up discovering so much about yourselves as a couple when you spend time with another couple.

4. Let’s be a foodie date


You both love to eat? Oh then foodie date is just the perfect idea honey. Plan your entire day around food. Do the best of research about it 😀 Search the best breakfast muffins in town, the best coffee and lunch menus, the best yummalicious waffles and ice-creams. Just make a list and follow it all day. Food is love, love is you both. Pro tip- Desserts are better when eaten mouth to mouth 😉 So get them packed for night. 😛