Watch What Happens When 2 Dog Buddies Meet After Years Of Separation

Laika and Rook have been best friends since their first meeting when they were puppies.  Although they may appear to be suspicious of each other at first , in some time they became comfortable with one another and started playing their fun little games. They can be seen enjoying each other’s company and having non-stop fun .
At Valentine’s Day, the two of them were reunited once again by their owners and you can see the love these two share among themselves . The bond between these two has not reduced even a bit and they can seen enjoying themselves, lazing around and nibbling each other’s faces and pretty much having a good time.
They say true friends ” stay forever, beyond distance , beyond time ” . Well , that is certainly true for these two guys.
Dogs may be ” Man’s best friend ” , but who says they can not be best friends with their kind as well ?
The video is titled ‘ Laika’s Valentine’ ( which is quite understandable )  and you can watch this sweet clip below.