Try These Amazing Methods of Cheating in Your Exams. I Bet You Will Never Get Caught

Little boy peeping in classmates examination paper

You can easily write important formulas and notes on a small paper. Just roll it and hide it inside your pen. After using it in the exam, put the same inside the pen again to avoid any chances of getting caught.
Engineering students are always creative and their cheating methods are also unique. If you are one of them then scientific calculators can come to your rescue. There is sufficient space on the inner side of the cover where you can write your answers. Just slide the calculator over the cover and no one would know your intentions.
Another interesting method is the use of your handkerchief. Write down your notes on it and use it at regular intervals. Well, if you are suffering from cold and have a running nose, blessing in disguise.
How about turning your legs into sticky notes? Just write all the key inputs on your leg which obviously you can hide inside your pants. During examination, keep your leg over the other one and copy those answers easily.
Buying white underwear can really help you out during exams. You can write all your answers there. You just have to unzip your trousers and copy all of them. You can easily get away with it. After all , who checks the underwear? 
You always have an option to get excused by asking to go to toilet. Do your planning beforehand by placing your chits at the appropriate places or write behind the door.
You are allowed to carry water bottles in exams. Scribble all your answers on the inner side of the bottle sticker and stick it to the bottle. After copying your answers drink all the water and be ready for the round two, the “Toilet Cheating” method.
Big wonders are wrapped up in small things. An eraser might look small in size but it can really save your life. You can easily stuff some key points on your rubber and can rub out the evidence once you have copied all that is required. No chance of getting caught.
A band-aid can come handy and can prove to be a safe cheating bet. Pen down your answers on the back side of a band-aid and copy all those points at the right time. You can loosen the sticking power of the band-aid by using some water.
Using your shirt’s collar or a tie to hide a piece of paper can also be considered as safe and an interesting way of cheating.
So just go ahead with these cheating methods to save your lives during exams and live a tension-free life.