Stomach Bloating: Ditch These 10 Habits

To ensure that bloating of the stomach do not take a major turn, one should put a check over their food habits. Here we are going to share with you some of the commonest mistakes made regarding the food habits that lead to bloating.  So make sure you quit these 10 habits as soon as possible and enjoy a bloat-free stomach!

Bloating Occurs From Drinking With Straw

Do not drink with straw to avoid bloating
Girl drinking with straw

Every time you are drinking your beverage with a straw and sucking at it, you actually end up pumping air. This process can lead to severe bloating and even more so when you are taking a carbonated drink in this process.

Chewing Gum

Do not chew gum to avoid bloating
Chewing gum

When you chew gum, air gets allowed in small amounts but this in turn over a longer period of time, lead to bloating. This will in turn result in severe discomfort and often embarrassment for the person.

Resting After Eating

Do not rest after eating to avoid bloating
Man sleeping

Resting or taking an afternoon nap can actually lead to severe bloating. By moving around actively for a while you actually slow down the digestion process who is healthier and does not cause bloating by any chance. Hence the next time you have to multi task while you eat, do not worry that it is an unhealthy habit for it is not.

Swallowing Your Food

Do not eat without chewing properly to avoid bloating
Man eating

You tend to eat too fast and do not chew the food properly and simply swallow it. Not only is it dangerous and might lead to severe health troubles like bloating but it is also dangerous habit as well as the food can get stuck in your throat. Also slowing down your eating process can actually lead to lesser intake of food which is going to prevent bloating.

Eating Certain Veggies And Fruits In Bog Amounts


Do not eat too much broccoli to avoid bloating

The healthiest green vegetables like broccoli, spinach and similar others can actually produce most gas and that in turn would induce bloating. The same applies to fruits as well like grapes. However just because you wish to look slim and button your jeans faster, do not skip these veggies and fruits because they have more benefits than troubles. Eat them in lesser amount to avoid the problem .

Drinking Less Water

Drink lots of water to avoid bloating
Girl drinking water

Make sure that you take enough water to avoid trouble with bloating. When you drink water in ample amounts, the chances of gas gets reduced and also that ensures that you would not suffer from bloating due to gas. Also when you do not drink water, your body tends to retain whatever fluid it already has and that leads to this as well.

Artificial Sweeteners

Do not consume artificial sweeteners to avoid bloating
Artificial sweeteners

Sugar alcohols lead to gas production in your stomach which in turn leads to bloating. The artificial sweeteners contains ingredients like sorbitol, mannitol etc. which are common ingredients which are found in gums as well. These ingredients are majorly known for causing stomach issues and hence should be avoided as much as feasible.

Overdoing Fibre In Your Diet

Overeating of fibre can lead to bloating
Fibre-rich foods

When you are not used to in taking fibre and then all of a sudden introduce fibre in your diet, this would lead to bloating severely. To prevent bloating in such situation one can easily incorporate fibre in their diet but slowly and in small amounts. Fibre intake is particularly low among Americans and stomach problem is also a situation commonly observed among them.

Too Much Salt In Food

Consume less salt to avoid bloating

If you tend to have a lot of slat in your food, then bloating of the stomach would be a common situation for you. The trouble is particularly observed among those who intake processed food with high content of sodium in it. Ensure that there is a limit to your daily sodium intake to avoid problems of the stomach.

Frozen Yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt leads to bloating
Frozen yoghurt

Frozen yoghurt is another food product that can lead to bloating. When it is taken in small portions, it is quite alright but when the servings become pail sized, the problem arises. Since the yoghurt is being whipped a lot of air gets incorporated within it and this in turn would lead to stomach problems when you take it.